Consumer Electronics Show Wrap-Up


Well, friends, geeks, our attendance at CES has come to a close. As Amy and I wend our way home, we can’t but spend a little of the plane time on a last report on the show. Here are some highlights from the last day:

– The iOnRoad app: This remarkable (and prize-winning) app peaked our interest. It uses a smartphone and its camera (currently Android; an iOS app is planned for April) to provide collision warnings, to detect whether the vehicle is staying within its lane, and to flag speeding. It is easy to see where this type of technology might fit into something like the Blind Driver Challenge, as it already provides audio feedback, even when the user leaves the app. The app will also read any incoming email and SMS messages, thus keeping the driver from having to check the phone. It will be interesting to see where development takes this fascinating use of a smartphone.

– Windoro: In the category of robots, an especially exciting find is the Windoro, a window-cleaning robot. For all of us who have windows that are hard to reach, or who just hate to do it, this magnetically attached (one half inside, one half outside) little guy can be remote controlled to do the job. Really, why do it yourself when you can have a robot do it? The product is not yet available in the U.S., but we heartily hope that it will be soon. If anyone wants to distribute it, let us know!

– Headphone earmuffs: Winter is just getting going, and who wouldn’t want cute, fuzzy earmuffs that double as headphones? We have become infatuated with these, and were very disappointed to find that they are not for sale in the U.S. Again, if anyone would like to sell these, let us know. It would spread joy, happiness, and earmuffs.

With that little snapshot, we’ll call it quits for CES 2012. We hope we’ve communicated some of our nerdy joy and discoveries.

Two weary geeks,
Amy Mason
Clara Van Gerven