Have you ever clean your windows often? Most of us usually clean it once every two to three months. Or some of us can afford to squeeze some available time to source for contract cleaners to assist us. Where can you find such equipment or tools to clean high-rise windows safely?

Magnetic robot window cleaner is the next best alternative for you. MyWindoro is suitable for residential and office buildings with tall windows and hard-to-reach ones for cleaning.

Red MyWindoro

The robot consists of two separate modules. One  cleans the window by spraying detergent and the other one scrubs the surface with micro-fibre pads. The neodymium magnets that pull the two modules on either side of the window are safe and strong for the machine to stick on the windows. Neodymium magnets are strong so dismount the machine carefully by referring to the manual guide.

MyWindoro has a smart functionality whereby it starts cleaning from where you first mount it on the surface and after completing the cleaning cycle, the robot window cleaner will return to its initial position. Thus it is convenient for you to take it off the surface. Use the remote control to start, pause or stop the machine from cleaning.

However, do take note that before you switch on MyWindoro, check your windows for any tough stains, permanent marks or scratches. This is to double check that the surface of your windows is safe for MyWindoro to work on. Tampered glass windows and the thickness of the glass windows is considered when using MyWindoro.

Just like other robot cleaning machines, regular self-maintenance is important. This includes checking of wheels for any damages, dust off the wheels before the next cleaning cycle and ensure that no foreign substances or objects are stuck at the pads compartment.

You can purchase MyWindoro robot cleaner. Our sales stuff can conduct demonstration on using MyWindoro and answers your queries. 

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