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How to Maintain MyWindoro


The main objective of having MyWindoro at your home or office is to assist you in cleaning the glass windows especially those hard-to-reach ones. In order to experience less disruptions and more effective cleaning on your windows, you may have to read carefully and be well-informed on how to use MyWindoro and how to take care of the robotic window cleaner.

How to use MyWindoro

How to use MyWindoro

Step 1: Before using MyWindoro for cleaning, check for any damages on the inner and outer parts of MyWindoro.

Step 2: Open your window. Check for any scratches and tough stains before putting MyWindoro on the surface.

Step 3: Position one side of the MyWindoro on the outside of the glass window and position the other side on the inside. Both sides will stick to the windows due to its strong magnets.

Step 4: Tighten MyWindoro onto the surface by turning the knob at the centre of the machine.

Step 5: Press the start button and watch as MyWindoro cleans the glass panels of your window.

Step 6: Once the cleaning is done, detach it firmly and carefully.

If you need more demonstration, watch the video here. To refer to user manual, you can download it here.

When you were using MyWindoro for the very first time on your dirty windows, it is logical to take note that the first cleaning process will take in every type of dirt, grime and stains from your windows. Most importantly your first machine care and maintenance should take place after MyWindoro’s first cleaning process.

How can I maintain MyWindoro?

MyWindoro solution bottle

  • Clean the wheels of the inner navigator and the big wheels from each side of MyWindoro.
  • Replace the dirty cleaning pads with new ones.
  • How to check if MyWindoro is cleaning properly? Use the remote control to manually control the cleaning process at one portion of the window. If there are faulty defects, do inform us.
  • Do not use foreign cleaning solutions. It is recommended to only use MyWindoro cleaning solution. 
  • Properly store away MyWindoro and keep it out of reach from children and pets.
  • Ensure each of the four micro-fibre cleaning pads and the wheels are free from debris.
  • Always charge fully before performing the next cleaning.

Always refer to the comprehensive manual book for further instructions and explanations to care for MyWindoro. Have further questions? Do contact us and we will assist you.

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