Got a day left to do your cleaning before you leave for your holiday? Are you feeling helpless? Well don’t be! We have just the thing you need to maximize your cleaning schedule. (Make that “things”) While you clean the toilet, let MyGenie sweep and vacuum the house. While you are busy doing the laundry, let MyWindoro swipe that window of yours clean.Household Chores

MyWindoro is extremely convenient and, yes you guessed it, its robotic so you won’t have to worry about physically being there to clean your window. It is also becoming impractical to give importance to window cleaning with your ever-growing pile of housework, especially so when you are juggling housework with your career. It becomes even more of a chore when you don’t have a domestic helper and have only yourself to depend on.

But with MyWindoro, that changes, you can concentrate on doing your other household chores while MyWindoro takes over cleaning that nasty window of yours.

Of course if you are using it for the first time, make sure to give your Windoro a thorough cleaning, as after the first cleaning process it is only natural that a lot of dirt will be accumulated on your Windoro. For more tips on how to operate MyWindoro, click here.

If you are still not convinced to get yourself MyWindoro, well we’ll give you more reasons to be convinced.

  • MyWindoro is so convenient, all you need to get it started is to place each piece on either side of the window and press the start button to kick start the cleaning magic.

  • It’s so automatic that once cleaning is complete, an alarm will sound
    and the Windoro will go back to the spot it was first attached to.

  • If you are one of those concerned about the safety of MyWindoro,MyWindoro
    you don’t have to worry at all, not even an inch. It is controlled by
    strong, permanent and fall proof magnets and it can withstand a
    wide range of thickness, ranging from 5-15mm or 16-28 mm. It
    will also be tightly attached to your window regardless of whether
    the power is on or off.

  • The cleaning pad is also detachable(to wash after use) and it cleans effectively with the auto detergent sprayer.

With all these benefits, it’s hard to say no to MyWindoro. Come on, with technological advancements cleaning has become so easy and efficient. Get onto the bandwagon and make your life easier with MyWindoro today!