Many of us would wish to say this but honestly, how often do we clean? We end up relegating the duty of regular cleaning to the eve of festive periods once a year, or so.

Why the eve of Lunar New Year though? Traditions has it that this is a time to “sweep away” the old and bad fortunes to invite the new and better luck. That’s why on this day every year, people rush to get their houses looking spick and span.

However, don’t you think it’s alot to get done in ONE day? To have to prepare food for reunion dinner is bad enough, let alone getting the ENTIRE house clean.

This year, why not try something new? Rather than getting it all done by yourself, why not let the ROBOTS do it for you?

MyWindoro is an automatic window cleaner. Instead of climbing all over the place just to get every inch of your window clean, make use of wire-less automation to do it for you. Using patented micro-fibre cloth, MyWindoro ensures that your window will be super clean in no time at all. It doesn’t damage your window either, unlike some other windor cleaners and the solution it uses.

You wouldn’t have to worry about having it fall on your head- or worse, fall off you high-rise flat- anytime soon. The permanent magnet MyWindoro uses is a Rare Earth magnet that gurantees this for you.

Sounds good? Contact us. And maybe we’ll tell you a little about a surprise we might have….