World-first Commercialized Window Cleaning Robot from South Korea

Iishim Global Co., Ltd. based on South Korea has designed and developed the world-first commercialized window cleaning robot called WINDORO together with researchers at the Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence (KIRO) in Pohang City of South Korea.

In the past, many researchers and companies all over the would have tried to make the commercialized window cleaning robot, for example Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and iRobot from USA, with vacuum pumps, but because of the problem of the electricity, it has not been yet in the market.

But, our robot, Windoro, world-first window cleaning robot in the market, consists of two units via 8 neodymium magnets that sticks itself to the window surface and to be much more reliable than vacuum system. One is for navigating windows and the other one is for cleaning windows. These two units are attached together on both sides of the window.

Our robot first moves up and down and left and right to determine the dimensions of  the windows. It then follows a zigzag pattern to cover the entire surface, moving at an average speed of 8 centimeters per second and returning to the starting point when it’s finished. The remote control is also available to clean any specific areas in the window, if you want.

This robot needs about 6 minutes for cleaning 1 square meter, and can be used about 2 hours after 2 and half hours charging. So the user can clean about 20 square meters with one charging.

This robots keeps proper magnetic force with the optic sensor, which is analyzing the thickness of the window glass. A range of window thickness from 5 to 15mm or 15 to 28mm are cleanable with the adjustment of the magnetic force.

WINDORO recognizes the initial spot where the cleaning began. When cleaning is finished, it returns to the initial spot and beeps to let you know the cleaning has ended. Thanks to using permanent magnets, it stays safe even after it turns off.

WINDORO automatically and regularly sprays detergent. The robot cleans the window with 4 rotating microfiber pads using less than 10ml of detergent per square meter from the movement of the robot.

The microfiber cleaning pad is invented with Velcro for easy removal. The pad is of course reused after it is washed.

The target markets of the Windoro are for residential homes and stores, not for high-rise commercial buildings.


Window Cleaning with Single Click!

  • Attach WINDORO to a window which can be opened and closed. Push the power button. The robot automatically starts working; wiping the window by itself, while you are doing other work.
WINDORO’s Magnetic Force is Tunable to a Wide Range  of Window Thicknesses
  • WINDORO keeps proper magnetic force with the magnetic hall sensor. A range of window thicknesses from 5mm to 18mm or 15mm to 28mm are cleanable with WINDORO magnetic force.
A Sensor for Measuring a Window Width and Close Workig Paths
  • WINDORO automatically sets the length of the working path at 1 meter for cleaning efficiently.