It is the norm for families whereby parents are working, children are studying, and therefore there is no one around to do household chores. Most of the time, the parents will take charge and use whatever time they have left after work to do the chores.

However, lets cut them come slack. They have enough on their minds as it is, finance, children’s education, work pressures, and on top of that they have to run a family. As such, it is time children step it up and do their part. For starters, they can begin by not messing up the house. It is a habit for children to leave their stuff everywhere around the house, and not put it back in the original places.

Instead of doing this children can help their parents with work around the house. Besides there are several things that children can do to keep relive some stress off their parents.  


Dust is the one thing that keeps coming into the house, no matter how many times you dust your house. They are quick to accumulate and are a real headache. Dusting items around the house can be done once a week. Sometimes, dusting alone will not be enough to completely clean the items. It would be a good practice to wipe the items with wet cloth and detergent to ensure that they are cleaned properly. This would also prolong the accumulation of dust particles. This is a simple task that kids could help out with once or at the most twice a week.

Doing the laundry

Everyone in the house wears clothes, therefore it is only fair that everyone (that includes children), take turns to ensure that the laundry is done. Some families have a dirty laundry basket in the toilets itself, and some have a communal one in the kitchen. Whichever is the method in your house, it would be good to do the laundry two days once. This method is not only environmentally conscious but also efficient, for you would be able to wash a full load. However, this also depends on the size of your family, if you have a big family then it would be good to do the laundry on a daily basis.

However laundry does not end there. There is the drying bit to do. Some of us would have a dryer around. However, using a dryer not only would cost you for your electricity bill, it can also be environmentally unfriendly. Therefore, the good practice would be to hang the laundry every time it is washed. This is where children could come in to help. Set aside about ten minutes to hang out the laundry, you wouldn’t be missing out on a lot in that ten minutes.

Folding the clothes

It may sound like the most simplest and easiest task to do. However, in majority of the families, the major reason a house looks messy is because of the fact that they have their dried laundry placed all around the house. It would be good to immediately fold them once the clothes are dried. If you cannot find the time to fold them immediately place them in clean laundry baskets however make sure that they are folded by the time you have the next batch of clothes dry up. In this way you can ensure that you do not have your laundry placed all around the house. As mentioned before, this is also one of the chores that children can help out with. It would a be a good way for them to practice multi tasking.

Taking out the trash

It is a must that the trash is taken out every night. This practice is both hygienic and safe. Clearing out the rubbish on a daily basis would mean that the place does not smell, and it would not attract any unwanted pests.

These are the simple chores that children can help out with, while parents take on cooking and other major works around the house. If you are not intending to hire a domestic helper, then you would need the support of all your family members to have a clean house.