Why buy MyWindoro


Due to the tedious nature of cleaning windows, it would be good for you to own a Windoro. As you would have read in our blog, there are several benefits in using the Windoro, for several reasons such as it being very convenient, easy to use, safe for use and how it basically saves you a lot of time.

With festive seasons such as Deepavali, coming you would have just about enough time to cook and do the major cleaning jobs in the house. It is obviously not the time to be burdened with chores such as window cleaning. At the same time, window cleaning is not something that you can completely ignore. Having clean windows does so many more wonders that you would have not thought about.

So then why should you choose MyWindoro over all the window cleaning tools available? There are several reasons.

13072-shiny-square-tinted-windows-reflectionFor one, the machine has achieved several international recognitions. For example the CES international and IFA consumer electronics Unlimited. This would mean that the Windoro is extremely safe to use and you would not have to worry about safety issues about using the Windoro. The magnets in the Windoro are permanent and powerful and therefore you can be assured of its safety. 

It is also designed for use on any type of window, be it for home, office, and even for shops. You have total control over the Windoro. You can even use the Windoro you purchased for your home use, for use in the office if you have a small office. However, it is recommended that you use sepearate machines so that you do not tire them out and also to prevent you from having to transport the Windoro in and out of your home.

The Windoro is also very intelligenet in that it does things automatically, during the actual cleaning itself. The detergent will be sprayed automatically, as and when the machine detects that it is time to use detergent. If the windows are made of thick glasses, the magnet is pushed forward to increase the pressure so as to have a tighter and firmer grip on the window. If the window is made of thinner glasses, the magnets will be pushed back to decrease the pressure. The intelligent machine is therefore very convenient for use and therefore it is recommended that you get yourself one.

Besides, the machine is also reasonably priced, and you can visit us, to have product demonstration. In that way, you can have a clearer idea as to how the Windoro works. However if you do not have the time to visit us for a demonstrtauo, you can read more about the functions about MyWindoro here.

Besides being just a robotic home cleaner, MyWindoro would also be a very good gift for your loved ones. If you feel that you have to purchase a gift for a friend or a relatives house warming, MyWindoro would serve to be the prefect gift. In this way, they can always maintain and keep their new windows clean  for a long time to come. You can present it as a gift to your parents, if they are aged and are havin troubles with doing the chores all by themselves. This would be a very good gift for them and they would dfienienlty benefit from it.

So wait no more, get your MyWindoro today and contact us if you need more information!


Allocating time wisely for spring cleaning


It is the norm for families whereby parents are working, children are studying, and therefore there is no one around to do household chores. Most of the time, the parents will take charge and use whatever time they have left after work to do the chores.

However, lets cut them come slack. They have enough on their minds as it is, finance, children’s education, work pressures, and on top of that they have to run a family. As such, it is time children step it up and do their part. For starters, they can begin by not messing up the house. It is a habit for children to leave their stuff everywhere around the house, and not put it back in the original places.

Instead of doing this children can help their parents with work around the house. Besides there are several things that children can do to keep relive some stress off their parents.  


Dust is the one thing that keeps coming into the house, no matter how many times you dust your house. They are quick to accumulate and are a real headache. Dusting items around the house can be done once a week. Sometimes, dusting alone will not be enough to completely clean the items. It would be a good practice to wipe the items with wet cloth and detergent to ensure that they are cleaned properly. This would also prolong the accumulation of dust particles. This is a simple task that kids could help out with once or at the most twice a week.

Doing the laundry

Everyone in the house wears clothes, therefore it is only fair that everyone (that includes children), take turns to ensure that the laundry is done. Some families have a dirty laundry basket in the toilets itself, and some have a communal one in the kitchen. Whichever is the method in your house, it would be good to do the laundry two days once. This method is not only environmentally conscious but also efficient, for you would be able to wash a full load. However, this also depends on the size of your family, if you have a big family then it would be good to do the laundry on a daily basis.

However laundry does not end there. There is the drying bit to do. Some of us would have a dryer around. However, using a dryer not only would cost you for your electricity bill, it can also be environmentally unfriendly. Therefore, the good practice would be to hang the laundry every time it is washed. This is where children could come in to help. Set aside about ten minutes to hang out the laundry, you wouldn’t be missing out on a lot in that ten minutes.

Folding the clothes

It may sound like the most simplest and easiest task to do. However, in majority of the families, the major reason a house looks messy is because of the fact that they have their dried laundry placed all around the house. It would be good to immediately fold them once the clothes are dried. If you cannot find the time to fold them immediately place them in clean laundry baskets however make sure that they are folded by the time you have the next batch of clothes dry up. In this way you can ensure that you do not have your laundry placed all around the house. As mentioned before, this is also one of the chores that children can help out with. It would a be a good way for them to practice multi tasking.

Taking out the trash

It is a must that the trash is taken out every night. This practice is both hygienic and safe. Clearing out the rubbish on a daily basis would mean that the place does not smell, and it would not attract any unwanted pests.

These are the simple chores that children can help out with, while parents take on cooking and other major works around the house. If you are not intending to hire a domestic helper, then you would need the support of all your family members to have a clean house. 

MyWindoro for all your window cleaning needs


As we all know it, window cleaning is the one thing that most people try to avoid. However, it is very important to have clean windows for various reasons. 

Why go through the hassle of having to clean window manually, when you can have the convenience of using the hassle free MyWindoro to do your window cleaning.

It is automated, and has the ability to function on its own. It is time saving, fast and efficient as compared to traditional methods of window cleaning. The clever machine is easily maintained and is extremely hassle free.  window-cleaning

The easy to use machine is very flexible and has easy to use functions. It can be easily operated and comes along with a user manual. If you still face difficulties in operating the Windoro, read this article, which explains to you the basic operations of the Windoro.  Suitable for both home and office use, the Windoro is capable of doing your entire window cleaning needs.

For the ever busy working people, MyWindoro would prove to be a time saver as it will save you a lot of precious time, allowing you to concentrate on your other works.

What more, besides working people, MyWindoro is also useful for older folks. Generally older folks would not be the ones cleaning windows, and if they were living alone, it would probably mean that they would not clean their windows. Buying a Windoro for them would be extremely helpful, as the Windoro is capable of functioning on its own, and therefore the older people do not need to be the ones carrying out the tedious task of cleaning windows.

Traditional methods of window cleaning is not only time consuming but also dangerous. With the increase in the number of domestic workers falling to their deaths because of doing window cleaning, Windoro is a must have in all households.

Besides domestic workers, there are incidents where people lose their footing and thus resulting in accidents, while cleaning windows. To prevent all these mishaps from occurring, having a Windoro would prove to be essential. As such, it is quite obvious that Windoro does not cater to only one group of people, but to vast groups of people.

You may even consider sharing the Windoro between households in the event that you feel that not fit in well with your budget, since it caters to several people, it would be a good idea to. Although we encourage you to purchase one for yourself because of all its benefits. In the long run, you will see that the Windoro is a good investment and it will be a purchase worth it.

This intelligent robot will be your best source of help for window cleaning and what are you waiting for? Get yours today and see the robot work its magic. 

The steps and procedures involved in cleaning windows manually


We have given you many reasons as to why you should get yourself a Windoro to do your window cleaning, some of you may not be convinced because you prefer to do window cleaning the traditional way. Well, here’s the thing, are you sure that you are cleaning your windows right? Then you may ask what constitutes “right” when it comes to window cleaning, which is why we have rounded tips for proper window cleaning.

It involves 5 steps mainly. Firstly scrubbing the glass, followed by cleaning the frame, then brushing away the cobwebs, scraping the glass and finally cleaning away the soap.

Scrub the glassIMG_0689

To scrub the window of your glass, you have to use a glass scrubber. Use the scrubber that has a strip washer that is specifically meant to clean dirty windows so as to get clean windows. Also make sure that the scrubber has glass safe filaments so that they do not scratch or cause damage to your windows. When scrubbing use detergent that is able to remove dirt, grime, bird dirt and the like so as to have clean windows.

Clean the frame

Now that you have scrubbed the glass, use a non-scratch scrubber or a sponge to wipe the frame of the window clean. This is important, and most people would forego this step. Cleaning your window frame is essential, as just like the glass, the frames would also collects dirt, dust, grime and the like.

Brushing cobwebs

There will be a build up of cobwebs around the window frame and sometimes outside the frame as well. The cobwebs build around the frame will be usually removed in the previous stage but if it does not it will most probably ball up together, which is why you have to brush them away. As for the cobwebs that is outside the frame, do the same thing, dust them away. You can even do this at the start, before you begin to clean, so that you won’t have to deal with sticky cobwebs.

Scraping the glass

Usually when you are cleaning your window at home, this step is not necessary, but this is a good to know. You can look for a scrape with razor blades and scrape the glass, (your detergent is still left on the glass from the first step) to remove any hard-to-scrape off dirt. Sometimes, the window glass might have paint splashes from paint jobs, and this step would remove such stains as well.

Wiping the soap

The final step is of course to wipe away the soap on the glass using water. If you do not have a specialized tool for that, you can just use a towel and a bucket of water, to wipe, rinse and repeat for a few times, until the glass is clean.

Following these five steps would ensure that you would have cleaned your windows the proper or right way. However, as you can tell, the process can be quite tedious and especially if you have to do at least once a month. Windows tend to get dirty very fast because dust particles settle down on the windows because of the wind, which in other words mean that window cleaning should be done quite regularly.

When you use Windoro to clean your window, you can be assured that it does a pretty good job in ensuring that your windows are cleaned the right way. It may exclude the window frames, which is the only thing that you have to clean manually. But hey, it’s a pretty good deal that the windoro could do every other thing and is pretty convenient to use if you were to clean the windows once a month. Besides dusting the window frames are generally easy and fast to do, so you won’t be spending too much time on it!

So we suggest you get yourself a Windoro today. It’s safe, convenient and easy to use and allows you to have clean windows without having to do the bulk of the work.


Importance of Window Cleaning



Window cleaning is something that most of us would take for granted. But did you know that having clean windows makes a lot of difference to the atmosphere of a place. Take for example your home; if you have windows that have accumulated dirt and dust overtime, they are sure to negatively affect the colour, feel and mood of your home. Similarly, place yourself in an office, when clients walk into your office you don’t want them to be taking away that you have a very dull and lifeless office, but what you want them to take away is that you have a vibrant and lively office.

Yes, you may be surprised but windows are capable of making or breaking an image. It also speaks about the company or the organisation, clean windows reflect that you are committed to keeping the office better and clean, and that you continue to strive to be better. All these impressions are formed based on the atmosphere of the office, which inadvertently is caused by the natural light that enters into the room, which of course would not happen if you have dirty windows.

It will also help your employees, as naturally when you work in a bright and vibrant setting, they will be more active and organised. They will both emotionally and physically motivated to perform better. Of course interior design plays a much bigger role in ensuring that the right atmosphere is present, but it all starts with natural light and view.  We may give very little importance, some of us might not even regard this as important but having clean windows is very useful to bring out the positive atmosphere in a room.

So now the question is, given the limited resources available, how to spend it right on window cleaning. Well, you don’t have to look too far because MyWindoro might be just the thing you are looking for.Office

It is ideal for both home and office use, which makes it very accessible. Of course if you are talking about a large organisation, you may want to try alternative cleaning methods, but using MyGenie would be especially good for smaller companies, trying to cut cost on unnecessary spending.

MyWindoro  is easy to maintain and, yes you guessed it, it’s automatic so you won’t have to supervise it. MyWindoro is also ideal for both office and home use, thus making it be very versatile.