1. MyWindoro does not work.

* Check the display status. (communication/magnetic force/power supply). Check if the power is turned on.* Check if the IN/OUT Charge on the LED display on the inside device is green. If the lamp is red, charge the product.* Check if the Control LED on the inside device is green. If the lamp is yellow or red, the product does not work. Adjust the magnetic force.

2. The Inside Navigator slips.

* WINDORO is working by magnetic force and the wheel movement of the inside navigator. Adjust the magnetic force.* Clean the wheels of the inside navigator.* Clean the inside of the window for the movement of the inside device.

* Dirty microfiber pads interrupt the movement. Replace the dirty pads with new pads.

3. MyWindoro is attached to the window frame and does not move.

* WINDORO bumper sensors can work sensitively according to the silicon of the window frame or the shape of the corner. Remove foreign substances (dust, obstacles) from the window and the window frame.* Clean the side wheels of WINDORO.* Operate WINDORO in manual mode with the remote controller.

4. After sensing the width of the window, the working direction does not work.

* Remove dust from the driving wheels.* Initialize the program.

5. The detergent sprayer does not work.

* The detergent sprayer works after any air inside it is dispelled. Wait for a while.
– If WINDORO cleaned the window without spray, turn it off and restart. Then detergent spray will work from the beginning.* Push the cover of the detergent box softly to cause the air to escape.

6. MyWindoro does not perfectly clean the top of the window.

* It could happen according to the state of the magnetic force or the driving wheels. Adjust the magnetic force to the optimum magnetic force or a little bit stronger magnetic force.* Partial cleaning is possible in the manual mode.

7. A dirty window is not fully cleaned after the first cleaning.

* Put the detergent on the microfiber pads and make WINDORO repeat cleaning twice or three times for perfect cleaning.
– If the window is very dirty, put enough detergent on the pads for the first cleaning.

8. MyWindoro is shaken when it moves up and down and the direction.

* WINDORO moves in a zigzag way, so it can change its path on the top or bottom of the window according to the type of window frame, but WINDORO moves straight after a bumper senses the window frame. Remove obstacles from the window before using the product.

9. MyWindoro stopped out of reach, how do I move it?

* Operate WINDORO in manual mode with the remote controller.* Attach the safety reel to WINDORO when you use the product on dangerous places.* Move the inside navigator on the window little by little.

10. What’s the reason for using the MyWindoro detergent and MyWindoro pads?

* WINDORO sprays a small amount of detergent. If you do not use WINDORO detergent, the nozzle can become blocked.* WINDORO pads are designed to maximize the cleaning effect. If the pads are too thick or too thin, the cleaning may not be perfect or the pads may not spin.

11. MyWindoro does not touch the window frame.

* WINDORO moves according to the bumper sensor. Remove the obstacles. (thick stickers, picture frames etc.)

12. It takes too long to clean and MyWindoro cleans the same area.

* Magnetic force influences the cleaning time. Adjust the cleaning space with the remote controller.* Adjust the magnetic force to the optimum magnetic force or use a weaker magnetic force.

13. MyWindoro is not turned on.

* Set the initial software program. (initialization/magnetic force/communication.

14. MyWindoro returns to the initial place where it was attached.

* Check the charge state on the display LED status. Charge WINDORO before using it. Check both the inside and outside devices and charge them at the same time. (more than two hours)* If WINDORO sense obstacles when it senses the width of the window frame, it will return to the initial place it was attached. Remove the obstacles.

15. The remote controller does not work.

* Turn on the power switch of the inside and outside devices.* Replace the controller batteries with new ones.

16. Pad traces remain on the window after cleaning.

* Use only WINDORO detergent.* Check if the window is stained with oil.* Use clean pads when WINDORO cleans a relatively clean window. Wet pads cause less effective cleaning.

* Control the detergent sprayer to use less detergent or force.

17. MyWindoro moves slowly in some directions.

* WINDORO detects obstacles using its bumper sensors. After it senses the size of the window frame, it decreases its speed where it sensed an obstacle, to change its direction.