In all our homes, there is always space for an additional family member, who comes in and never leaves. Yes, we’re referring to the dust particles that come in to your home and just refuses to leave. It makes itself feel at home by sitting on table tops, window grills, television stands, on top of the shelfs, cupboard, and the list would just go on and on.

You would have just wiped it a few days ago, but the next time you look at it, it looks like you have not cleaned your home for a really long time. Which is why we have round up a few tips on how you can make sure you have a home that looks and feels dust free all year round. Now of course that would mean having to do some work, but keeping it minimal of course.Dust

Of course the most basic thing to do is to dust your home. However do make sure that you dust all places in your homes, especially the areas that you would usually not dust. By doing so, you can split the areas into two. One part to be the area that is more prone to collect dust and you dust this area twice a week, and the other part; the areas that are not always exposed, twice a month. It is always good practice to come up with a system such as the example given when it comes keeping your home clean and dust free.

You can also use cloths to wipe down your furniture probably once a month, instead of doing it only when it is a festive occasion or when you are having visitors to your house. When you wash the cloth you use to wipe down your furniture, try to avoid using fabric softener, for it reduces the ability of the fabric to trap dust and to absorb liquid. You may also want to remove carpeting around our house, or keep it to the minimal. For example by only having the doormat. Having carpets around your house, you will have a lot of dust particles collected. It would also be a good habit to have door mats especially door mats made of heavy duty material because they are very efficient in absorbing dust particles.

Also if you realise that you are always waking up having a stuffy nose, it could be because of the presence of dust in your room and in your mattress and pillows. To deal with this you can purchase covers that are allergent reducing, and place your mattresses and pillows in them. However do remember to give the covers a good wash perhaps twice a year or more if you feel that there is a need to.

You may also want to avoid placing several items around the places you spend the most amount time, for example in your living rooms and your bedrooms, for dust particles tend to collect among these things, and they can make cleaning really hard. Therefore try to minimise the amount of things you place around your house. Having decoration items always enhances the beauty of your home, but do make sure that you do not overdo it, because it is sure to make cleaning be very hard.

Also, try to open as little windows as possible around your home. Though fresh air enters your house through your open windows, try not to open several windows for dust particles and pollutants come in through your home through your windows and open doors. Also while you are at it, place your Windoro and let it clean your windows. Also if you have air conditioners fixed around your house, remember to change the air filters around your house. In this way you can prevent dust particles from gathering in your air filters which would keep your home feeling fresh and dust free.

You may want to try placing air purifiers around your house. Air purifiers are a great help when it comes to dealing with dust particles. They help to suck up the dust and prevent them form being collected in your home. It also keeps your house smelling fresh and this would be very refreshing.

These are some of things that you can do to prevent or at least minimalise the  presence of dust particles in your homes and we hope you found this article useful.