We have given you many reasons as to why you should get yourself a Windoro to do your window cleaning, some of you may not be convinced because you prefer to do window cleaning the traditional way. Well, here’s the thing, are you sure that you are cleaning your windows right? Then you may ask what constitutes “right” when it comes to window cleaning, which is why we have rounded tips for proper window cleaning.

It involves 5 steps mainly. Firstly scrubbing the glass, followed by cleaning the frame, then brushing away the cobwebs, scraping the glass and finally cleaning away the soap.

Scrub the glassIMG_0689

To scrub the window of your glass, you have to use a glass scrubber. Use the scrubber that has a strip washer that is specifically meant to clean dirty windows so as to get clean windows. Also make sure that the scrubber has glass safe filaments so that they do not scratch or cause damage to your windows. When scrubbing use detergent that is able to remove dirt, grime, bird dirt and the like so as to have clean windows.

Clean the frame

Now that you have scrubbed the glass, use a non-scratch scrubber or a sponge to wipe the frame of the window clean. This is important, and most people would forego this step. Cleaning your window frame is essential, as just like the glass, the frames would also collects dirt, dust, grime and the like.

Brushing cobwebs

There will be a build up of cobwebs around the window frame and sometimes outside the frame as well. The cobwebs build around the frame will be usually removed in the previous stage but if it does not it will most probably ball up together, which is why you have to brush them away. As for the cobwebs that is outside the frame, do the same thing, dust them away. You can even do this at the start, before you begin to clean, so that you won’t have to deal with sticky cobwebs.

Scraping the glass

Usually when you are cleaning your window at home, this step is not necessary, but this is a good to know. You can look for a scrape with razor blades and scrape the glass, (your detergent is still left on the glass from the first step) to remove any hard-to-scrape off dirt. Sometimes, the window glass might have paint splashes from paint jobs, and this step would remove such stains as well.

Wiping the soap

The final step is of course to wipe away the soap on the glass using water. If you do not have a specialized tool for that, you can just use a towel and a bucket of water, to wipe, rinse and repeat for a few times, until the glass is clean.

Following these five steps would ensure that you would have cleaned your windows the proper or right way. However, as you can tell, the process can be quite tedious and especially if you have to do at least once a month. Windows tend to get dirty very fast because dust particles settle down on the windows because of the wind, which in other words mean that window cleaning should be done quite regularly.

When you use Windoro to clean your window, you can be assured that it does a pretty good job in ensuring that your windows are cleaned the right way. It may exclude the window frames, which is the only thing that you have to clean manually. But hey, it’s a pretty good deal that the windoro could do every other thing and is pretty convenient to use if you were to clean the windows once a month. Besides dusting the window frames are generally easy and fast to do, so you won’t be spending too much time on it!

So we suggest you get yourself a Windoro today. It’s safe, convenient and easy to use and allows you to have clean windows without having to do the bulk of the work.