Due to the tedious nature of cleaning windows, it would be good for you to own a Windoro. As you would have read in our blog, there are several benefits in using the Windoro, for several reasons such as it being very convenient, easy to use, safe for use and how it basically saves you a lot of time.

With festive seasons such as Deepavali, coming you would have just about enough time to cook and do the major cleaning jobs in the house. It is obviously not the time to be burdened with chores such as window cleaning. At the same time, window cleaning is not something that you can completely ignore. Having clean windows does so many more wonders that you would have not thought about.

So then why should you choose MyWindoro over all the window cleaning tools available? There are several reasons.

13072-shiny-square-tinted-windows-reflectionFor one, the machine has achieved several international recognitions. For example the CES international and IFA consumer electronics Unlimited. This would mean that the Windoro is extremely safe to use and you would not have to worry about safety issues about using the Windoro. The magnets in the Windoro are permanent and powerful and therefore you can be assured of its safety. 

It is also designed for use on any type of window, be it for home, office, and even for shops. You have total control over the Windoro. You can even use the Windoro you purchased for your home use, for use in the office if you have a small office. However, it is recommended that you use sepearate machines so that you do not tire them out and also to prevent you from having to transport the Windoro in and out of your home.

The Windoro is also very intelligenet in that it does things automatically, during the actual cleaning itself. The detergent will be sprayed automatically, as and when the machine detects that it is time to use detergent. If the windows are made of thick glasses, the magnet is pushed forward to increase the pressure so as to have a tighter and firmer grip on the window. If the window is made of thinner glasses, the magnets will be pushed back to decrease the pressure. The intelligent machine is therefore very convenient for use and therefore it is recommended that you get yourself one.

Besides, the machine is also reasonably priced, and you can visit us, to have product demonstration. In that way, you can have a clearer idea as to how the Windoro works. However if you do not have the time to visit us for a demonstrtauo, you can read more about the functions about MyWindoro here.

Besides being just a robotic home cleaner, MyWindoro would also be a very good gift for your loved ones. If you feel that you have to purchase a gift for a friend or a relatives house warming, MyWindoro would serve to be the prefect gift. In this way, they can always maintain and keep their new windows clean  for a long time to come. You can present it as a gift to your parents, if they are aged and are havin troubles with doing the chores all by themselves. This would be a very good gift for them and they would dfienienlty benefit from it.

So wait no more, get your MyWindoro today and contact us if you need more information!