Cleaning Windows Manually

We are used to cleaning windows manually with the modern cleaning tools easily accessible at local shops. But as modern cleaning tools advance over time, we have robotic cleaner options to choose from  to reduce our house chores.

In comparison, we have modern cleaning tools for manual washing and wiping of windows. The steps are simple. Start with one window spot from your chosen room and start cleaning with half-filled bucket of detergent water and another pail of water.  Whereas, robotic window cleaner will do the planning for you and you just have to refer to the manual booklet for instructions.

Why is it important to regularly clean your window? This is so that more light can illuminate your home, lesser dirt build-up staining your windows and you will feel good about having a clean home, especially for those who have new windows and maintain its cleanliness.

Manual cleaning apparatus

What about my current cleaning equipment? It is still reliable to keep your existing cleaning tools just in case you need it for other spring cleaning tasks. 

If you find that time is not always at your side, buying a robot window cleaner is helpful. Here are some tips before purchasing MyWindoro:

  • Observe the product demo attentively. Ask questions when in doubt.
  • You can get the salesperson to go through the manual booklet to have a clear understanding about the usage of MyWindoro.
  • Try a hands-on approach on MyWindoro during demo session. The salesperson can correct you and give you tips on how to handle MyWindoro properly.

Robotic Window Cleaner is also useful for households with maids. Singapore government always emphasized on domestic helpers’ safety when it comes to house cleaning. Preventive measures and more practical usage of technologies can assist maids significantly on reducing their burden of house chores too. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the cleaning equipment is safe to use and not detrimental to the maids’ health and well-being.

MyWindoro is useful for your office and home cleaning

Not only does it comes in handy at home, MyWindoro is useful for office space too. One of the primary objectives of businesses is to cut costs especially on sourcing out for cleaning vendors. Employers may find that having a small number of cleaners to handle the tasks with robot cleaning tools is efficient. So long as the company’s cleaners are properly trained to handle and use MyWindoro, the employer can just focus on the maintenance of cleaning equipment.

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