Now that you may be returning or you may have already returned back home from your well-deserved holiday break, you might be gearing up for the festive seasons. That usually means fun laughter and joy for the most part, however before that you also have to do some house cleaning. Most of us, if not all of us would like to live in a clean and fresh home. That is also when we would like to invite over friends and family into our homes to wine and dine with us. With Christmas coming in a less than a week, 4 more days to be exact there is not much time left to procrastinate in doing you cleaning jobs. You have to begin now so that you can be prepared by the time it is Christmas! 

Usually most of us would give importance to what we would consider important cleaning such as changing the sheets, mopping the floors, sweeping the floors, clearing the laundry, cleaning the toilets, cleaning the shelves and cupboards and many more. Sometimes festive seasons also mean buying in new furniture, throwing away old furniture, baking cookies and many more. In the midst of this, it is slightly impractical or even slightly inconvenient to be held down with having to clean the windows. It can be a long and tedious process because it not only involves cleaning one window but several other windows in your rooms, kitchen and living space. Therefore, it is going to be very time consuming having to clean all the windows manually.frontroom.221122032_std

Having a MyWindoro therefore would make things a lot easier for you. It is an automatic machine and it will do what you used to do manually all by itself. All you have to do is to place it on your window panels and turn it on. It is automatic and therefore does not require supervision. It functions in a way that enables you to do your own work, while the Windoro does its.

The machine sprays the detergent onto the window panel as and when it glides over the panel and when it detects dirt. In case you are very safety conscious (all of us should be safety conscious) you don’t have to worry at all about safety for the Windoro is extremely safe for use. It comes with magnets that is very strong and they cling onto the window panels strongly. The same applies for window panels that are very thick. Therefore you can assured of the safety of the Windoro.

Of course if you have grills for your windows, do try to dust your window grills before you switch on the Windoro so that you can a window that is clean and fresh. Remember though it may be a tedious job to do manually; window cleaning is one that should not be taken for granted. Which is why we encourage you to get yourself a Windoro.It is suitable for use both in your homes and offices, especially small offices. 

When you have clean windows in your home, it will naturally bring in fresh air into your homes through the clean windows and therefore you will have a better vibe in your home. A home that is clean and fresh is always a home with good positive vibes and so naturally there will be happiness in your home. With the festive season approaching fast, happiness is what you need in your homes. With most of us getting busy by the day, it would be a great idea to get ourselves  machines such as the Windoro to go about with our daily chores. They save us a great deal of time, and they make cleaning a lot more easier. 

Do read on more of our blog posts to know more about the Windoro and how it works. Remember when it comes to cleaning, it is wise not to be held down with cleaning areas manually when you can get yourself the intelligent Windoro to do it for you. When you can save time and do your other tasks at hand, you wouldn’t want to say no to the Windoro, would you? Of course not, get your WIndoro today and watch it work its magic on your windows!